My word is…

So, apparently one of the “trends” making the rounds for 2010 is for people to pick one word that sums up what they want to manifest for themselves.  I first heard about it on Twitter but since then have seen many bloggers and crafters sharing their words as well.  Some people are even taking their words and incorporating them into a piece of art as a visual reminder of what they have chosen for themselves.  I am not a big fan of resolutions – I don’t get the whole waiting until January 1st to set goals.  What about the rest of the year?  Plus, I find that because people tend to only make resolutions once a year, they then try to make them so all-encompassing and so extensive that they are broken by the end of January.  I prefer to set goals all year long and I try to make them something reasonable and to break them down into achievable steps.  I did, however, like this idea of choosing a word for the year.  It would give me some focus for what I want to do and I could base any goals I set throughout the year around this word.  When someone on Twitter asked me to choose a word, there was no hesitation, no thinking needed.  It popped into my head instantly.  Serenity.  Now, what’s YOUR word?

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  1. Thats my daughter’s name! Great Word!! ;0)

  2. Haggard? Exhausted? Worn-out? No wait, that’s technically two words. No, just kidding. It’s been a long day and I’m a bit loopy. I need to think about this. Great prompt, Cyn.

    Hmm…. maybe “loopy”.


  3. I do like this idea! I think I would like my word to be Enlightenment. Thanks Cyn!

  4. i like this idea too. my word is ‘love’.

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    My word is

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